Saturday, February 15, 2014

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning...

This, too, is Venice: waiting for a late-night vaporetto

...when not only is the whole wide world fast asleep, as the old song says, but the vaporetti are running very infrequently, is the time when you really want to be sure not to get on one going in the wrong direction, as I did early this morning while paying more attention to the book I had with me than anything else.


  1. oh yes...that can even happen land-ward in Washington DC!! At least looking at the photo, I feel the feeling of ..... is the same; wait. Not really the same because --- you're on the WATER and it's VENICE and nothing BAD ever can happen here (I know, I know...not true but still I keep that thought). No 'death in Venice' psycology for ME!

    1. It was really not a bad experience, pc, but strange to find suddenly that instead of being closer to my home I was actually on Giudecca--that is, rather than being (as I had been) within walking distance from my destination I was suddenly separated by an impassable expanse of water. I was also quite used to late-night scenes of waiting for public transportation in NYC, but I was surprised to find that a fermata stop in Venice could look almost as gritty as a NYC subway stop! This was actually a rather bracing and somehow perversely welcome discovery.