Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rowers in the Fog

Today was a sunny clear day in Venice, and much appreciated, but Thursday was whole-heartedly foggy and I still find myself thinking of the rowers in the photo above, rowing in the deep canal along the Fondamenta Nove but appearing to be in the middle of the sea somewhere. It was not the kind of day that's usually recommended for a row as visibility was so bad as to be quite dangerous, and especially for a human-powered boat (a caorlina in this case) with limited maneuverability. They made quite a spectral sight in all that fog, but I was quite glad I wasn't with them--and that they seem to have completed their outing safely.  


  1. One time while crossing the Canal della Giudecca at night, in one of the worst fogs I can remember, a big ship started coming our way all of a sudden, what made it even worse was that we were in a taxi abusivo, our only way to get back to the Zattere.

    I was hoping to see Venice from the sky while taking off so I asked for a window seat. What a disappointment! It would have been harder to leave on a perfect sunny day.

    One thing I love about the Bay Area is the fog, it makes me fell at home.

    1. Having rowed across the Giudecca Canal on Jan 1 I have a fresh sense of how all the traffic on it can make it seem even wider than it actually is: at night in the fog I imagine it would seem vast as Lake Michigan.

      Maybe it's better to have a clear view of the city when arriving than departing. Though it probably depends on one's mood and temperament.

      I agree with you about the Bay Area: its moisture and fog is one of the many things that make me much prefer to S Cal.