Friday, December 20, 2013

Il Presepe che Viene dal Mare, Punta della Dogana This Evening

From tonight until January 6, Il Nuovo Trionfo, the beautifully restored trabaccolo docked beside the Punta della Dogana, will be lit up for the holidays. The trabaccolo is a traditional Venetian boat dating back to the first half of the 15th century (according to Wikipedia), which were common throughout the Adriatic into the 20th century. Il Nuovo Trionfo itself was first launched in 1926.

For much more about Il Nuovo Trionfo, including its history and its restoration, visit the website:

As far as presepi (or manger scenes) go, the one displayed aboard Il Nuovo Trionfo is quite simple--just two-dimensional silhouettes--but the lights strung around the ship make for a lovely sight when viewed, say, from the molo near the Palazzo Ducale.

Supporters of Il Nuovo Trionfo gather tonight to celebrate the initial lighting of the presepe


  1. Thank you for this post, Siggie. On reading the website, it seems one can become a "friend" upon payment of 30 euro. I think I just might do that, when I go to see the presepe.

    What does Sandro want for Christmas this year?

    1. If you become a "friend," Yvonne, I wonder if you'll have a chance to go out on one of the little voyages they sometimes make? I'd like to read your account of that.

      Sandro had been asking for an electric guitar for about a year--he's gone in phases of strumming more or less frequently on a little acoustic since he was 2. And, alas, he got a 3/4-sized one, with a little amp...

  2. This brings so much joy, to know that there is a big effort in the lagoon to keep the past alive is priceless.

    I plan to visit the museum of the venetian boats when I am there.

    1. Against great odds, Laura, some people haven't given up in Venice. I've been meaning to visit Il Museo Navale for 3 years; you remind me I should go this weekend.