Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Passion of the Long Distance Runner: Venice Marathon Today

Nearing the end of his long ordeal, a runner gives thanks
Some photos of the 28th annual Venice Marathon, in which 4,000 people participated.

I missed getting a photo of the first person to finish the marathon, but this is the 4th, which is still awfully impressive
Crossing the last bridge before the finish line
The runners weren't the only ones who prepared for the race
Sweat and blood
A supporter becomes a participant during the home stretch
The thrill of seeing a loved one approach the finish line
Approaching the finish together
Aeneas carried his father from the ruined Troy, this son pushes his own father toward the finish line
Completing the course in just a bit over 4 1/2 hours
Having completed the race, a runner passes by the crowd in his metallic mantle
This French runner was among the first wave of finishers


  1. Dear Steven, a thought at New York today and at a great musician who left us with magic and loss.

  2. Francesco, A friend wrote something about happening upon Lou Reed in a Starbucks last February, which makes me think that he actually outlived the city he loved. "Ah, don't you know that the city is a funny place?" he sang, "kind of like a circus or a sewer..." Or now very much like a suburban mall outside Dallas.