Monday, July 1, 2013

10 Views of the Festa di San Pietro di Castello (or San Piero de Casteo)

Panorama of a Friday night: 28 June 2013 (click for larger view)
Cooler-than-normal temperatures made life a little easier for the chefs this year
Beneath one of the dining tents
Max and the Seventh Sound playing disco classics from the '70s on Friday night
Arlecchino and Braghella in Saturday's performance by Teatrale l'Attimo
Rising tension
Shock, dismay, surprise, catcalls
Up close with Arlecchino and mini-Arlecchino
The view from the bridge (over Canale di San Pietro)


  1. Gotcha?!

    I was a few days in V. and finally attended a perfomance of SKA-J, in Campo S. Piero. Loved it!

    1. SKA-J really is fun, aren't they? I was planning on seeing them, but my son was too tired to stay.

      And, hm, there is someone somewhere in that pic that may look a little familiar.. But now I have to look at my pictures and see where you are!