Thursday, April 4, 2013

Greetings from...

We are in the middle of a short stay in Rome, and while there is of course a very famous building here with St Mark's lion on its facade, and a substantial Venetian history, I just can't bring myself to post a photo of any place that became so intimately associated with Mussolini.

But it seems the Colosseum itself is now facing an issue most famously associated with Venice... Perhaps everyone else already knows this, but someone told me today that the Colosseum will soon be closed to visitors for 7 years because the tunneling of a third metropolitan line in its vicinity has caused the ancient amphitheatre to begin to sink.

In other Venice-related news, I also discovered today first-hand that the row boats in the little lake in Villa Borghese can indeed be rowed all veneta: propelled and steered with a single oar, with the rower facing forward--but without the standing up.


  1. Come home, all is forgiven. And, you have to help stop the closure of yet another bookstore! (Marco Polo)

  2. It's nice to think that all might be forgiven, Y! We're back now & I'm ready to do what I can to help save yet another bookstore, but if I had a euro for every bookstore that's required saving these past 20 yrs--some of them for which I was the bookbuyer or manager--we'd be able to buy an apartment in Ca' Barbaro.