Friday, June 22, 2012

Festa di San Giovanni in Bragora 2012 & Schedule

Photo credit for all images: Jen
A Fellini-esque awakening of aesthetic appreciation
This year's edition of la festa di San Giovanni in Bragora started Wednesday evening with belly-dancing, Bollywood-style dance, and a summer solstice celebration. It continues through Sunday with events I hope you'll be able to read on the official locandina at bottom. Or  a click on either of the following links will take you to a page in either Italian or English with information and a link to the full schedule (click "locandina.pdf"): (in Italian) (in English)

Juggling fire is just one of Gigi's many talents. He handles words pretty well, too, as proven by his victory last September at a poetry slam at Ca' Tron:


  1. Buongiorno, Siggie. This post, and the previous, fragrant one, have made me an unbecoming shade of green with envy. Aren't you glad you live where you do, despite earthquakes, tornadoes, heat waves and that sort of stuff!

    I'm so glad you forced yourself to go to this Festa, just so you could share it with us.

  2. I am indeed glad to be here, in spite of calamities, natural and man-made. But Jen is the one we must thank for covering the above festa--and I didn't even have to force her--while I stayed home with Sandro. Now if she would only write the posts as well as photograph them...