Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scootering Homeward... Siracusa

I hope you'll excuse this non-Venice post. I've been posting from Sicily for the last 9 days, with no time to respond to comments or do much else besides get a post online. But we return to Venezia late tomorrow night. In the mean time here's a good way to zip around the piazze of Italy--in this case, the beautiful Piazza Duomo of Siracusa. Though certain age limits may apply.


  1. Yet another way to get a hip replacement! Your time went by so quickly, Siggie.

  2. But perhaps one of the more fun ways at least?

    Yes, very quickly, but after 2 days home we're still recovering from it. But in a good way... Hard to post about Venezia with Sicilia still so much on my mind.

  3. I/we look forward to your impressions of Sicilia, and those relatives.