Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Evening Market on Via Garibaldi, Tonight

A new green grocer recently opened on Via Garibaldi in a spot that had been vacant for a little less than a year and it's quickly become a favorite of ours and many other folks. I've found myself referring to it as "The Five Guys," as that is about the number of men who seem to run the place, but there may actually be one or two more.

I had started to believe (sadly) that soft persimmons (or cachi) were done for the year, as even the grocers at the Rialto had only mushy blotchy ones on offer today, but somehow the Five Guys still had a good stock of them tonight. (I have resisted the urge to devote an entire post to that most sensual of fruit, the persimmon, as I feared I might inadvertently veer into R-rated territory and I'm trying to keep this blog decent.) In any case, this fruit and vegetable market is a great addition to Via Garibaldi, worth checking out if you're in the neighborhood, and, as you can see above, has a pretty good view of Santa Maria della Salute as well.


  1. Well, that will be within striking distance, if I get weary of the Rialto market. So, did you buy some persimmons?

    Re: your post yesterday, you'd better start Sandro eating fegato and lifting weights, perhaps.

    Why isn't it Friday? :-(

  2. I missed the very short persimmon season here in NC! Lovely photo. I'm glad they revived that market.

  3. Yvonne,

    I have a feeling you probably won't weary of the Rialto Market--except, maybe of the crowds, if you happen to go late some days. And I most defintely did buy some persimmons. We're engaging in a last flurry of persimmon eating before the season really is over.

    I'm sure my wife won't allow fegato in the house: I need only say the word to inspire signs of disgust. But I think some of the nice Argentine steaks that are available here would work...

    Tomorrow is Friday! I hope you have a great flight!

  4. Annie:

    We were in NC for 2 yrs & I didn't even notice they had a persimmon season--short or otherwise! I need to be more observant. (Though perhaps they're less available in Asheville than in the warmer flatter lands?) I'm glad you liked the pic, and it's always nice to see shops in Venice revived, as there are no shortage of empty ones and, unfortunately, a florist that we liked on Via Garibaldi is closing up soon.