Friday, August 26, 2011

Pizza & Wine: on the Gran Viale, Lido

A garden of earthly delights, with table service.


  1. You're making the Lido look very attractive. They'll be wondering about the influx of tourists all of a sudden, due to your photos! :-)

    (79 days now)

  2. You think if I can convince them that the current upswing in visitors is because of my blog instead of the Venice Film Festival I can get a discount at Lido restaurants or something?

    I have to admit I've only just discovered the appeal of the Lido myself, whereas our son has long been crazy about it--if only because there are cars there. He's already formulated a definite plan for when he grows up of living on the Lido, driving a white Smart Car, and working as a marinaio on a vaporetto.

    You're lucky that in 79 days these locust-like crowds will have thinned out some.

  3. Your son probably already knows how to do that flip-twist with the rope on the vaporetto.