Friday, July 1, 2011

Venice Biennale: Haiti Pavilion Part 2

Five works by Jean Hérard Celeur (close-ups of front 2 pieces are on my first post about this Pavilion)
The Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Bawon Samedi by the artist André Eugène
The first of 3 crucifixion pieces by André Eugène

by André Eugene

Conceived specifically for this site on the Riva, Haiti's wealthier neighbors in the Caribbean are represented by the yachts regularly docked nearby, making this area of Venice something like a changing map of the Caribbean Sea. Above, a yacht from George Town, Cayman Islands beside the shipping containers of the Haiti Pavilion.
Today, July 28, was the last day for the exhibition. Tomorrow it is to be removed to make way for a massive cruise ship to dock there--where absolutely positively no one wants it. But the Haiti exhibition may, I hear, possibly travel to a museum in the Netherlands.

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  1. Surrealism meets folk-art. Great stuff. Creepy at times, but it`s a good creepy.

  2. Just what Venice needs, another cruise ship.

  3. You really can never have enough... At some point the tourists on all the cruise ships will be coming just to see all the other tourists on all the other cruise ships & the city will be rendered superfluous.