Monday, June 13, 2011

Festa di Sant' Antonio at S. Francesco della Vigna

I'm sorry to say that I missed the solemn procession with the wooden statue of Sant' Antonio this evening, but every other part of tonight's festivities was truly marvelous. San Francesco della Vigna is a wonderful church in an extremely interesting part of town, and this festa is worth noting on your calender if you're in town. Proof that not everything in Venice is oriented toward the tourists.

A parish band greeted churchgoers as they left mass
The evening was capped off with a contemporary commedia dell' arte


  1. Man, that looks like fun!

    How did the voting go? I'll have to check Il Gazzetino to find out the results.


  2. It was a very bad day for Berlusconi and his cronies, which means a very good day for Italy! His plans to privatize water, to build more nuclear plants (after a long moratorium on them here in this earthquake-prone country), and to continue to escape prosecution for his various crimes were all abrogated. And abrogated, I believe, con gusto.