Friday, February 25, 2011


One of my favorite juxtapositions in Castello, outside the Communist Party headquarters at the corner of Corte Nuova and Fondamenta Rio Della Tana.

A peek through the windows around the corner on the fondamenta reveals the small interior of what in NYC would be a pretty cool dive bar, walls covered with framed b/w photos of Che Guevara. (Alas, none of them autographed from what I could see.) No sign, however, of the great martyred Sardinian Marxist anti-fascist Antonio Gramsci--though he represented the Veneto in the 1920s. I'll have to look more closely.


  1. It's such a goofy thing to see!

    You were asking about the many comments about 'red', on Venice Daily Photo. It started when folks mentioned how your eyes are drawn to anyone in red in photos, morphed into a discussion that included a dwarf wearing red (Don't Look Now), and so it went. Nothing to do with Garibaldi, alas.
    I am just able to contain my impatience .. 11 days until I'm on the first leg of my trip from Australia, to return to Venice. Sigh.

  2. Yikes, don't mention that dwarf wearing red! I'll have nightmares. Donald Sutherland's last scene in that movie is one I have unfortunately never forgotten...

    How exciting that you will be in Venice soon! It should be quite nice when you get here, I think and hope. It's been a pretty mild winter. Do you break up the trip from Australia to Venice because of its length or just to be able to visit some other places on the way?

  3. Buongiorno. I have a few hops, one from Cairns to Hong Kong, then HK to Zurich, and then that nice little plane to get to (happy sigh) Venice. I'm always too eager to get there, to stop anywhere else.

    Next year, I'd like to time my visit to be able to see the first bit of Carnevale, the Flight of the Rat takes my fancy, for example.

    PS Yes, your son and his friend are also adorable!! :-)

  4. I'm sorry to be so long in responding--you may in Venice by now! Or very soon.

    I'm sorry we missed the flight of the rat; we've all taken turns being a little sick with something for the last few weeks and that weekend we kind of missed out on everything.

    You should be arriving to very nice weather here!