Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Ponte Fuseri: Walking Home from School

6 April 2016, Sestiere San Marco (near the palazzo where Goethe stayed): It would be impossible to overstate how compelling were the logistical challenges of Venice to our son, and how much he admired the people who moved goods and people through the maze of a city, both with boats and hand carts. Venetian life, insofar as it is still lived, consists at least as much of such movement and labor as anything you might find in a tourist guide, and is, I dare say, just as interesting to observe.


  1. I remember from previous posts he loved boats. Does'nt he miss Venice?

    1. He does miss Venice some, and especially his friends, but he's found a lot to be interested in here in terms of cars and trucks. Though he's also studied for and gotten his Canadian boating license. Now all we need is the boat--and those aren't quite as easy to come by, or to afford, in Toronto....