Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Boating Party: from Today's 44th Vogalonga

I didn't manage to photograph the start of this year's Vogalonga, as I've done in prior years, nor the end, which I've never done (but have often thought of doing).

But I did happen to see among the many kinds of boats making their way up the Grand Canal after completing the long course through the north lagoon the particular boat you see above and below.

The rest of the boats I saw were of the sort one always sees during a Vogalonga (though I suspect that each year the number of Venetian-style boats suited to the lagoon and the city's canals is ever more swamped by sculls and sweeps, dragon boats, canoes, kayaks, Lago Como-style river boats, and ever more paddle boards).

Previous years, and bit about the Vogalonga, can be seen here: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013.

But I've never seen anything like the boat pictured here. I don't know if they actually completed the whole 30 km course in this boat, or if it would be very pleasant as a rower to do so, but I certainly wouldn't mind a place at the table.


  1. Maybe more Royal Wedding mania perhaps?

  2. We didn't complete the whole 30km, we did approximately 15km on the day which was jolly hard work but made very enjoyable by the lovely people of Venice who were incredibly supportive and kind. The Man in the Glowing Green Blazer.