Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rugrat Rugby, and Much Else, in the Arsenale's Open House: This Afternoon (and Tomorrow)

The vast majority of things going on at this weekend's Arsenale Aperto (or Open House at the Arsenale) don't involve tackling or knocking heads together, as pictured above. Rather, there are workshops for kids, guided tours and public forums for adults (including, even, guided tours to that massive monument of corruption: the 5-billion-euro floodgates known as MOSE), lessons in traditional Venetian pursuits such as rowing, as well as music, food, and artisans. It's a celebration of all things Venetian.

Including, in the case of rugby, activities newly popular here, rather than traditional.

The full schedule of this weekend's events can be seen here:

I know little about rugby, and my son has no interest in it; but, judging from what I saw this afternoon (pictured above), it does seem to keep the city's pronto soccorso (or emergency medical service) providers busy

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