Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Found Still LIfe

Fresh from the Rialto Market
I doubt my wife, Jen, was thinking in terms of composition when she left these on the counter the other morning...

I'd never tasted Costoluto ("ribbed") tomatoes before and bought them only because Sandro and I both just liked the way they looked--but I know now that they're more than just picturesque.

I've seen references to both Costoluto Fiorentino and Costoluto Genovese varieties, but whichever these might be they were grown, I was told, in the south of Italy.


  1. A beautiful photo! I planted a Costoluto Genovese plant a couple of summers ago in my garden here in NC. I didn't get many tomatoes from it, but the ones I got were absolutely delicious.

  2. It's just wonderful to buy tomatoes that not only look beautiful, but actually have some taste. Not like over here, they're rather like cardboard.

    (No problems posting comments now, thank you!)

  3. Wow, Annie, from the garden directly to the table with not even a day or two for transport in-between is how tomatoes should be eaten! It's been a long time since I experienced that--not since I was a kid.

    And, ytaba36, I would've thought that tomatoes would be one of those things that could grow like weeds in some parts of Australia--but, alas, I guess this only confirms how little know about Australia!

  4. Well, tomatoes do grow well here. (I must stop this slothful nature of mine, and grow some as Annie did), but the ones we buy in the shops are pretty below-average. There are produce markets every Saturday in the area, and there you can score fruit and vegetables that haven't been picked while green, shipped to some distant distribution point, and then back to our towns.